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DSC_3961-editThe MIT trained and skilled designer of steam power plants, Nathanael Green Herreshoff, reluctantly resigned from Corliss Steam Engine Company in December 1877. In January of 1878 he joined in partnership with his older brother John Brown Herreshoff to form the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co.

Until 1890 the output of Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. was almost exclusively steam driven craft. In fact only three small sail boats were built for customers other than the family during this time.

This Blog is intended to build interest and contributions to construct a dynamic exhibit of this Era of Steam. Our focus will be on the six steam engines and one boiler that are in our collection, and any archival material that can tell the story of invention and innovation which was a hall mark of the Herreshoff brothers.

We seek content and volunteers to build this exhibit, its educational content and make it the first dynamic exhibition of the museum. Our first project is to create a dedicated space for the exhibit. Next (we are already working on this) is to restore a circa 1898 triple Steeple engine.

We are particularly interested in persons familiar with A type boilers of the 43-37 variety.

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