Full Steam Ahead!

With the forms laid out and shaped after many hours of trimming to build a smooth hull, it is finally time to actually start building hull #199!

First step is to get the raw oak lumber needed to build the ribs and keel:


The shorter boards are designated for the ribs. The longer board will be used primarily for the keel and false keel.

The raw wood was first cut to the proper size:


And then run through a planer to achieve proper dimensions:


Meanwhile Eric is working on a full scale template for the false keel:


With the ribs properly sized, it’s time to actually steam the ribs and shape onto the forms!

Here’s the steamer we used:


We used wall paper removal steamers to provide the heat and the ribs were put in for about one hour.

Here’s the first rib being attached:



Steve and Keith are certainly enjoying the first part of the real hull! Either that or someone cracked another stupid joke!

Note the blocks along the edge of the form that are used to keep the rib flush as it cools.

On the second day of forming ribs, we had many hands expediting the process:


I wonder how the piece of wood tastes?

This is certainly a “moment in time” now that we are building hull #199!

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