Steamboat Building

Work has begun building a section of launch #199. We are building the launch true to HMCo techniques as best we can. The section will be about 2/3 of the length of the 30 foot  launch (frames 7 to 26) – enough to include the engine cooling line underwater.

The first step was to build a lofting table on which the forms for the ribs will be built:


Notice the supreme concentration……

The lofting table was built to allow full size creation of the rib forms.

Using a table of offsets, each rib mold was laid out on the table:


All the forms were then combined upside down to form the basis for actually building the boat:


While the boat hull is being built, the layout of the engine and boiler is under study. The drawing we are working from shows a little detail on the installation:



Unfortunately, some detail is missing on piping and peripherals. So we are reaching out for help from others. One interesting museum near us is the New England Wireless and Steam Museum ( that actually has a much bigger version of an HMCo steam engine on display that actually runs! See our visit earlier in this blog.


We have also enlisted Chris McMullen from New Zealand as a technical advisor. He is building FROM SCRATCH a copy of our engine and the associated Marsh Pump and is also building a replica of the vessel “Vapor” to put it all in! Amazing!


Here is more information on Chris’s boat:

Next up will be more information on our progress!




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