Advanced Display

So the display of the triple engine and boiler is complete as standalone pieces but wouldn’t it be great if we could show how they would have been installed in a real boat!


Here is a picture of “Vapor” which actually had a similar configuration to ours installed:

Launch “Vapor”

It just so happens that we have plans for a different hull #199 which was a 30 foot launch that fits the bill and was similar to “Vapor”! Also, Herreshoff has on display in T. F. Green airport in Providence, Rhode Island the vessel “Two Forty” that resembles “Vapor”. The primary difference is that the “Two Forty” displayed is set up for a gasoline engine built around 1937:


(Note the industrious workers inspecting “Two Forty”)!

It’s amazing how narrow these boats are:


Here’s another shot showing the bow:


The “Crew” made the trip to view “Two Forty” to get a feeling on how these boats were built. In particular, we wanted to study the way the ribs and planking were done:


Our new task is to build an actual hull section to display the engine and boiler. We plan to build a full sized section of the hull with part of one side cut out to show the installation.


One interesting note about our field trip was that even though this bunch of guys was crawling all over this boat in the baggage arrival section, the only time anyone seemed to care was when a policeman with a dog (assumed to be a bomb sniffer) walked by! If only actually flying was this easy!

Next up we begin to build the hull!


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