Time To Heat Things Up


With the engine cleaned and lubricated, I turned my attention to the Type “A” boiler that we had on hand. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about its beginnings but our records indicate that this type of boiler would have been used with our type engine. The following shows how the boiler might have been installed:



Here is a picture of our boiler as we received it:



As you can see, lots of ancillary items are missing but you can get a feeling for how it looked. Water would flow in through the bottom pipes and filled up to the top tube. A coal fire was built under the middle that would boil the water to steam that would then be taken off the top of the upper tube and used to power the engine. The steam coming out would have an oil mist introduced to lubricate the engine. Once the steam was used, it would be condensed then reused in the boiler.

The following shows the stand under construction that was built out of wood but finished to look like metal.


The round rods would hold the coal fire and the area below would act as the ash pit. The boiler sits on top of the rods:


The completed boiler and engine have now been moved to the Herreshoff display:


Next up is exciting news about our display!


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